Sachem Wequarran Archimedes was born in Jamaica, Queens, on Long Island in New York State.

The area’s name derives straight from the word Yamecah (or Jameco), also the name of the Native American tribe or band which lived in the area, and the word means ‘beaver’ in the Lenape (Delaware) language they spoke — probably a Munsee language dialect.

The word Ryamecah — whose abbreviated symbols are alternatively RYMCH in Roman characters, or ימקהΡ, which is an interesting mix of Greek (Ρ) and Hebrew characters (ימקה), written in Hebrew right-to-left fashion — is derived from the word Yamecah.

Ryamecah is the name of a new indigenous or neoindigenous confederation of tribes of North America, and stands for the abbreviation of the words ‘Restored Yamecah’.

The Ryamecah Confederation is a restoration of the pre-colonial and sedentary indigenous people called the Yamecah, as well as their updated sacred indigenous ways. It was started by Sachem Wequarran Archimedes in order to tribalise or downroot the mainly Western, civilised, or uprooted culture of the United States.

The Ryamecah consider themselves British and Native American at the same time.

Once upon a time, the ancestors of Long Islanders called the island where they lived Sewanhacky or ‘Sewan Country’. Members of the Ryamecah Confederation now call it Winnecomac, which means ‘Fine Country’.