Ryamecah Declaration published

On 21 February 2013, at 3:00 am New York time, the book entitled Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence (ISBN: 1482510553) was published.

The author of the book, the Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini, also known as Sachem Wequarran Archimedes, believes that he shows no lack of humility in stating that with this little book he has surpassed the magnum opus of the “Committee of Five“, better known worldwide as Thomas Jefferson et al.

The Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence is also more than just about politics.

The book is now available for purchase at this URL:


The book will also be available through Amazon.com and the various Amazon Europe websites in 5 to 7 business days, and through expanded distribution channels in 6 to 8 weeks.

Very close friends of the author, or book reviewers of particular audiences may receive a free copy, but they most furnish their correct postal address by email.