Galley proof of book produced today

Still some time is required, but yesterday the first proof or galley proof of the book, Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence, was produced and sent to my address.

Here is what the yet to be activated CreateSpace book sale web page looks like:

I have to check the proof copy first, in order to see if I can approve or activate the book’s public sale (otherwise further changes to the manuscript, and new proof copies are needed), so there are at least another 3 to 5 more days to wait before the book becomes available to the general public.

Once the book becomes available to the public, it will also be available in the US and in Europe through the,,,,, and websites.

The price of a book copy will be 17.00 USD, 10.83 GBP, or 12.54 EUR in the country’s respective currency. The book is a little more expensive because its internal images are also in colour.

I doubt very much that the book will be available in the future through (China), but I think that (Canada) and (Japan) will eventually pick up the title, and I think I’ll also ensure that the book will be available as a Kindle Edition (e-book readers).

The book will eventually be available in other online retailers, land-based bookstores, libraries, and academic institutions through large book distribution channels such as the Ingram Content Group, Baker & Taylor, etc.