Ryamecah Declaration published

On 21 February 2013, at 3:00 am New York time, the book entitled Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence (ISBN: 1482510553) was published. The author of the book, the Hon Most Rev Dr Cesidio Tallini, also known as Sachem Wequarran Archimedes, believes that he shows no lack of humility in stating … Continue reading

Revelation by BCT

On 18 January 2013 I gave myself a new name: Wequarran Archimedes. The name Wequarran means ‘Eagle’, while Archimedes is the name of one of the 14 tribes that form the Ryamecah Confederation. On that day I was already Native American by place of birth, since I was born exactly … Continue reading

Galley proof of book produced today

Still some time is required, but yesterday the first proof or galley proof of the book, Ryamecah Declaration of Indigenous Independence, was produced and sent to my address. Here is what the yet to be activated CreateSpace book sale web page looks like: https://www.createspace.com/4167303 I have to check the proof … Continue reading